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Contraband Enterprise, LLC Founder Ace of Many Faces Saves Life of Bearded Dragon Lizard

Ace of Many Faces, founder and president of music & video production company Contraband Enterprise, LLC located in Houston, TX has shown his humanitarian spirit again. He found, last month, a home for a homeless dog, Roxy. This time he has rescued a bearded dragon lizard from imminent death.

On a hot Houston day Ace was chatting with a friend when a neighbor approached him and mentioned that he sees Ace walking around the neighborhood with his two bearded dragons and that he had an offer for him. The man informed Ace that he obtained a bearded dragon from a lady that was moving and could not take care of the dragon anymore, but that he and his family were now afraid of the dragon. The man blatantly told Ace that they had not fed the dragon for about a week and that they were about to kill it or throw it into the wild. Ace knew right away that he could not stand and let that happen.

Immediately, Ace told the man to give him the bearded dragon. The man quickly went and retrieved the dragon, bringing it outside in the terrarium tank and informed Ace it was a boy named Spike. The tank was full of feces and water and it all swished around as Ace walked the dragon back to the Northwood Manor neighbor studio, Contraband Enterprise, LLC. When Ace reached the studio, he washed the dragon clean outside and determined it was not a boy after all, it was a little girl about 7 months old. Malnourished and filthy, Ace cleaned her thoroughly and filled her belly.

On Stacia's return to the studio Ace broached the subject of what transpired and explained the situation in detail. Stacia named the dragon Baby Girl and decided that Baby Girl would not live in the previous tank as it contained various unsavory memories and it was in bad shape cosmetically. As a result, they set out on an expenditure and brought Baby girl a brand new tank, furniture and fresh food.

Placed under quarantine, Stacia and Ace monitored Baby Girl's health, eating habits, and temperament. Baby Girl displayed signs of being skittish and she was afraid of humans. After Ace and Stacia patiently worked with her and showed her love, she is now relaxed and trusting of human contact.

Some interesting facts about Baby Girl is that she loves veggies and a favorite food of hers is corn. Also, when she eats her greens she makes a smacking sound when chewing the food. In addition, Baby Girl loves music. She practices on the beat Maschine in the studio. Baby Girl is now ecstatic, healthy, and in safe hands at Contraband Enterprise, LLC. Everyone, meet Baby Girl the first girl bearded dragon of Contraband Enterprise, LLC.

Baby girl
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