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Epidemic: Homeless Dogs in Houston, TX. CEO of Contraband Enterprise, LLC Finds Dog A Home.


While Houston presents a disfiguring and epidemic proportions issue with homeless dogs, the CEO of Contraband Enterprise, LLC, a Chicago-bred and Houston-based record company, ventured out with a goal to find a solution to the grotesque issue. As a result, on an early Sunday morning as Ace walked to a nearby Northwood Manor gas station he met a little friend. This friend is a small white dog with black and brown spots and an Illinois-shaped black spot on her neck. Right away Ace named the dog Roxy.

Soon, Roxy followed Ace home and Ace let Roxy into his back yard. After settling down, Roxy displayed her voracious appetite as she chomped down on dog biscuits that Ace gave her from the stash that he had on standby for the local stray dogs. He also gave her water and allowed her to rest safely in the gated back yard. Later, Ace set out to find Roxy a home. Engaging with some friends, within hours Ace found Roxy a new home. Now, thanks to Ace of Many Faces there is one less dog on the streets of Houston.

In closing, at Contraband Enterprise, LLC we ask that you show compassion to a stray dog in Houston, TX. From feeding it to helping find it a home, if we all work together as a community, we can annihilate the homeless dog epidemic.

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